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J.K acrylic diffuser sheet, also named PMMA diffuser,Lighting diffuser or something others, is a translucent PMMA product with a textured surface on one side or both side specifically designed for LED panel light , downlight and so on. It features a unique combination of high light diffusion and high light transmission through a combination of optimized surface texture and advanced diffuser technologies. When compared to other acrylic diffusing products such as glass and PS, and PP sheets, J.K diffuser sheet has superior impact strength and toughness. Other surface textures are available for additional design options.

J.K acrylic diffuser, extruded sheet product was developed specifically as a diffusion lens for LED lighting. It offers distinct light diffusion levels that can be matched with other design elements to help achieve the desired lighting qualities for different fixture designs. The technology behind the sheet diffusion properties, helps minimize hot spots caused by intense LED lighting.

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