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Acrylic Sheet

What is acrylic sheet

Acrylic sheet, also known as special treatment of organic glass, is a replacement product for organic glass, with acrylic made light boxes with good light transmission, pure colour, rich colour, beautiful and flat, taking into account the two effects of day and night, long service life, does not affect the use of characteristics. In addition, acrylic sheets and aluminium profiles, advanced screen printing, etc. can be perfectly combined to meet the needs of businesses, acrylic blister is the best form of outdoor advertising to improve the grade of business shops and unify corporate image." Acrylic" is a phonetic word, the English is ACRYLIC, it is a chemical material. Chemically called "PMMA" is a polyacrylate class, commonly known as "after a special treatment of organic glass", in the application industry acrylic raw materials are generally in the form of particles, plates, tubes and so on. Acrylic is a generic term for acrylic and methacrylic chemicals. Including monomers, sheets, granules, resins and composite materials, acrylic sheets from methyl methacrylate monomer (MMA) polymerization, that is, polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) sheets Plexiglas, "Plexiglas" from the trade name "Oroglas " (a PMMA sheet), from "Organic Glass" (i.e. called organic glass).

As a manufacturer of acrylic sheets, we specialise in the development, production and sale of acrylic sheets, mainly acrylic sheets, plexiglass sheets, light guide sheets, etc.

Acrylic sheet features

1. Weather and acid and alkali resistance, will not be due to years of sun and rain, and the phenomenon of yellowing and hydrolysis.

2. Long life, compared with other material products, life expectancy of more than three years.

3. Good light transmission, up to 92% or more, less light intensity required, saving electricity.

4. Strong impact resistance, sixteen times that of ordinary glass, suitable for installation in areas where safety is particularly important.

5. Excellent insulation performance, suitable for various electrical equipment.

6. Light weight, half the weight of ordinary glass, the building and the support bear less load.

7. Brilliant colours and high brightness, which are not comparable to other materials.

8. Strong plasticity, great variation in shape, easy to process and shape.

9. High recycling rate, for the growing awareness of environmental protection recognized.

10. Easy to maintain, easy to clean, rainwater can be cleaned naturally, or scrubbed with soap and a soft cloth can be

We specialise in the production and processing of PvC boards, PC endurance boards, PC acrylic frosted boards, PC diffusion boards, endurance boards, anti-static, anti-scratch PC board processing, acrylic boards and other products, a complete range of products. We provide one-stop service from raw materials, sheet forming, non-standard customization, engraving, shaped bending, blistering, printing, etc.


1. Excellent transparency

Colourless and transparent plexiglass sheets with a light transmission rate of 92% or more

2. Excellent weather resistance

Strong adaptability to the natural environment, even long time in the sun, wind and rain will not change its performance, anti-aging performance, can also be used outdoors without fear

3. Good processing properties

Suitable for both mechanical processing and thermoforming

4. Excellent overall performance

acrylic sheets are available in a wide variety of colours and have excellent overall performance, providing designers with a wide range of options.

5. Non-toxic Even long-term contact with people is not harmful, but incomplete combustion will produce formaldehyde, carbon monoxide

6. The coefficient of linear expansion of cast acrylic sheets is approximately 7x10-5m/m.K.


1. Architectural applications: windows, acoustic doors and windows, light covers, telephone booths, etc.

2. Advertising applications: light boxes, signboards, signposts, exhibition stands, etc.

3. Transportation: doors and windows of trains, cars and other vehicles, etc.

4. Medical applications:baby incubators, various surgical medical apparatus Civilian products:sanitary facilities, handicrafts, cosmetics, brackets, aquariums, etc.

5. Industrial applications: instrument surface acrylic sheets and covers, etc.

6. Lighting applications: fluorescent lamps, chandeliers, street lamp shades, etc.

We are a manufacturer specializing in the research and development and production of acrylic sheets, plexiglass sheets, light guide acrylic sheets and sound barrier acrylic sheets, with a complete range of products and specifications, which are widely used in TV displays, lighting, crafts, exhibition displays, traffic facilities, advertising, household and other fields.


Acrylic, also known as PMMA or organic glass, is a safe and harmless material that has become quite popular with the public in recent years. According to the different properties of acrylic, different colours and visual effects to meet the ever-changing requirements, so acrylic can also be divided into many kinds.

1, acrylic sheets can be divided into transparent sheets, translucent acrylic sheet (including dyed acrylic sheet transparent acrylic sheets), colour acrylic sheets (including black and white and colour acrylic sheets) according to the translucency;

2, according to the performance of the impact-resistant plate, anti-UV plate, ordinary plate and special plate such as high impact plate, flame retardant plate, frosted plate, metal effect plate, high wear-resistant plate, light guide plate, etc.

3. Acrylic acrylic sheets are divided into casting and extrusion acrylic sheets according to the production process

Colours and patterns

There are many different types of acrylic sheets.  

Common colored  sheets include: transparent sheets, dyed transparent sheets, opalescent sheets, coloured sheets(gold, white, black , green, gary, bronze)

Special printable acrylic sheets include: bathroom acrylic sheets, cloud acrylic sheets, mirror acrylic sheets, laminated acrylic sheets, hollow acrylic sheets, impact resistant acrylic sheets, flame retardant acrylic sheets, super abrasion resistant acrylic sheets, patterned panels, frosted panels, pearl panels, metal effect panels, etc. Different properties, different colours and visual effects to meet the ever-changing requirements

We are a professional manufacturer of optical acrylic sheets and special patterned (textured) acrylic sheets, the main products are corrugated acrylic sheets, colourful sheets, stone patterns, bark patterns and other acrylic sheets, which are widely used for electrical acrylic sheets and home building materials decoration design


0.2 mm acrylic sheet

0.3 mm acrylic sheet for sale sa

0.5 mm acrylic sheet

1 2 inch acrylic sheet

1 acrylic sheet

1.5 mm acrylic sheet

2mm acrylic sheet

2.5 mm acrylic sheet

3mm clear acrylic sheet

4mm acrylic sheet

4.5 mm acrylic sheet

5mm acrylic sheet

8mm acrylic sheet

10mm acrylic sheet

12mm clear acrylic sheet price

15mm acrylic sheet

16mm acrylic sheet

Note: according to customer demand for different mold, build the required size


The current market. The price of acrylic sheets sold on the market generally ranges from 200 - 220 RMB, but of course the price of acrylic sheets produced by different manufacturers and different regions also varies, generally speaking the difference in price of acrylic sheets in each region varies from 100 - 150 RMB. The price difference is even greater when the acrylic acrylic sheets are made into different kinds of products.


1. acrylic sheets should not be stored in the same place with other organic solvents, and should not be in contact with organic solvents.

2. During transportation, the surface protective film or protective paper cannot be rubbed.

3. Cannot be used in an environment where the temperature exceeds 85°C.

4. When cleaning the acrylic sheet must only use 1% soapy water, soapy water with a soft cotton cloth, not with hard objects or dry wipe, otherwise the surface is easily scratched.

Acrylic sheet

5. Acrylic plate cold and thermal expansion coefficient is very large, due to temperature changes should be considered to leave expansion gap.

We are an acrylic manufacturer, mainly engaged in various specifications of acrylic sheets, acrylic translucent panels, acrylic products processing, acrylic products customization, colour acrylic panels, production of acrylic products, acrylic sheets wholesale, etc., the wholesale price of products, rich colours, best-selling in Europe and the United States and the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other places, the specific export countries include, South Africa, the United States, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Pakistan and other countries.


how to cut acrylic mirror sheet

Take a ruler than, use a hobby knife to scratch more times, and then rest on the table along the fracture open can be, small advertising shops to do advertising light boxes is so dry. Hot cutting does not work, the hot blade (line) a cut through the mouth of the molten acrylic immediately solidified again, in vain cut. If you want to open a hole in the middle of the board is more trouble, it is best to use the machine, you can use electric grinding, choose the right cutting sheet to use resin sheet or double mesh sheet to do. After the acrylic sheet is cut, the surface is first shaped, roughing, finishing, polishing, paste fine processing, polishing wheel ultra-fine treatment, after these processes to deal with the cutting surface, to be higher than the surface finish of the board.

what is acrylic sheet

Acrylic is also known as special treatment of organic glass, organic glass replacement products, acrylic light box with good light transmission, pure colour, colourful, beautiful and flat, taking into account the two effects of day and night, long life, does not affect the use of characteristics.

how to bend acrylic sheet

One, with three to four new wallpaper blade, neatly stacked together, the lower part of the tape wrapped well, must be on the neat;

Second, then use the tip of the back of the wallpaper blade (each blade has a small pocket on the back of the head) to scratch the part you want to bend, be sure to make the force even, use a ruler to scratch until the thickness of the acrylic sheet 1/2-1/3 of the degree;

Third, after scribing the groove with a hair dryer (change a head to focus on the wind) blow, you can also use the wax head to bake, do not bake paste. Then a fold, it is folded over. As a result of scratching with a blade, folded out of the bend very straight.

acrylic sheet has good transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance, easy to dye, easy to process, beautiful appearance, in the construction industry, furniture products, sanitary ware has a wide range of applications.

Kunxin New Material Technology

Kunxin New Material Technology Co., Ltd is a group with two factory and two brand, it's "J.K Optics" & "KunXin Material",which specialize in optical plastic sheet manufacturing & Textured acrylic sheet separately, has been serving the lighting industry & decoration market for almost 10 years, products included: Acrylic diffuser sheet, PC diffuser, PS diffuser, Acrylic textured/pattern plate, and optical PMMA & PC sheet/film, it's widely used in Fluorescent light fixtures, Led panel light, Ceiling light & architectural applications and display panels,digital photo frames.

Do you have a question or do you need our support with your planning or in the context of an application? Get in touch. Give us a call, send us a fax, write us an e-mail or we will come and see you – we are happy to provide help and advice.


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