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Textured Acrylic Sheet
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Textured Acrylic Sheet

Textured Acrylic Sheet

Textured Acrylic Sheet is used in architectural applications such as lighting, store fixtures, furniture, point-of-purchase displays, signage, novelty, accessories and glass. As a professional Acrylic Textured Sheet manufacturer, these Acrylic Textured Sheets are customized decorative plastic sheet materials, such as Transparent Acrylic Textured Sheet, Frosted Acrylic Textured Sheet, etc. are available for selection. You can also order and customize customer specifications.

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From non-glare plexiglass to our pebble finish, we have the absolute best selection of quality textured acrylic sheet in the industry. Not only do we offer the best textured acrylic sheet, but we also have the best prices in the industry. As the best quality, best prices and best custom specification service in the industry, our textured acrylic sheet are perfect for your next project. Buy our textured acrylic sheet today! To learn more about our premium acrylic sheet products, be sure to browse our extensive product pages. Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions or concerns you may have.

Advantages of Textured Acrylic Sheet

More scratch resistant

Durable, light and shatterproof

Still allow natural light to pass

Maintain its finish

Very beautiful

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Application of Textured Acrylic Sheet

Our textured acrylic panels can add a unique finish to almost any application. Textured acrylic panels are ideal for cabinets, partitions and patio tables, adding another layer of privacy without seriously compromising light transmission. Textured Plexiglas is UV absorbent, transparent and has the same durable qualities as clear Plexiglas panels. matte, textured, and patterned finishes of textured acrylic panels are particularly suitable for table tops, privacy panels and lighting panels

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J&K Textured Acrylic Sheet

J&K manufactures Textured Acrylic Sheet from high-quality raw materials. our products offer you a whole new range of application opportunities. Plexiglas acrylic sheets are a moisture-independent material for glass, signs, windows, or displays and have a high strength-to-weight ratio. Textured Plexiglass Plate (aka Plexi or Plexy) can be thermoformed without loss of optical clarity. Plexiglas sheet is a common reference term for the acrylic sheet.

We believe that our textured acrylic sheets can add a unique finishing touch to almost any application. The matt, textured and patterned finishes are particularly suitable for table tops, privacy panels and lighting panels. Textured acrylic sheets are ideal for cabinets, partitions and patio tables, adding another layer of privacy without severely compromising light transmission. textured acrylic sheets offer the same durability as clear Plexiglas sheets. 

Get textured acrylic sheets now!

Textured Acrylic Sheet can be cut, routed, polished, bent, and molded. We offer textured acrylic panels that are best suited for privacy panels, lighting tops, partitions, shower doors, glass windows and table tops. It offers maximum durability, shatter resistance and lightweight. At J&K, we ensure that our Textured Acrylic Sheet is more scratch resistant. It allows light to pass through. Our products are very aesthetically pleasing and perfect for furniture, store fixtures, signage, glass, displays, accessories and novelties. As one of the most reliable and trustworthy Textured Acrylic Sheet manufacturers, we can customize Textured Acrylic Sheet to any desired design, offering cut-to-size Textured Acrylic Sheet for you to choose the exact size for your business and project needs without any No waste. We provide one-stop Textured Acrylic Sheet customization solution.

Send us your textured acrylic sheets requirements and dimensions and we will be happy to help you with all your needs!

FAQ of Textured Acrylic Sheet

How to cut Acrylic Textured Sheet

How to polish and repair Acrylic Textured Sheet scratches

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