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Light Guide Plates

J&K manufactures Light Guide Plates from the highest quality raw material, pure PMMA resin, and our products offer you a whole new range of application opportunities. As one of the most reliable and trusted Light Guide Plate manufacturers, we can customize Light Guide Plates to any desired design, offering cut-to-size Light Guide Plates for you to choose the exact size for your business and project needs, without any waste. We offer a one-stop solution for Light Guide Plate customization.

Light Guide Plate is an acrylic panel, usually made of pure PMMA resin, which is extremely clear, highly weather resistant, and has an average life expectancy of over 30 years. On the underside of the panel, a matrix of lines can be etched, called a V-cut, dots can be printed, or a combination of the two can be used, or particles can be added to the panel itself. The purpose of all methods is to direct light away from the front.

We can customize/design optical patterns for Light Guide Plate in a variety of shapes and sizes to get the ultimate balance of light guiding and light efficiency performance. Our Light Guide Plates have a wide range of manufacturing expertise with multiple pattern structuring techniques in roll pressing, screen printing, laser engraving and material formulation enhancement for light performance perfection.Light Guide Plates are suitable for commercial lighting fixtures, indoor/outdoor lighting, smart home lighting, exit/emergency luminaires, medical lighting fixtures/equipment mobile devices, automotive lighting, arcade displays, aerospace displays, etc. (all related to LED display applications)

Light Guide Plate components and basic structure

Basic structure of edge lighting and each component: For the traditional design structure, there will be 3 components.

* Diffuser (outer layer): provides excellent scratch resistance

*Light Guide Plate (middle layer): the most important optical component that guides the light perfectly throughout the panel

*White reflector (bottom layer): prevents light leakage from the back side and reflects all light sources to the front         

How the LED Light Guide Plate works

The LED light diffusion plate on each LED window display is made of optical grade PMMA sheet, which uses a high-tech and highly reflective (non-light absorbing) material to laser bond the acrylic sheet of the upper light guide dot real estate window sign on the optical grade bottom surface. 

Optical grade acrylic is used to absorb the light emitted from the light source and stay on the acrylic surface. When the light is shot to the individual LED guide points, the reflected light will be diffused at different angles and then break the reflected state from the front of the light guide plate. The light guide plate can be evenly illuminated by various light guide points of different sizes and dimensions.

The role of the reflective paper is to reflect the exposed light from the bottom surface back to the LED light guide plate to increase the light utilization.

Light Guide Plate Features

Can be cut into any size required, or can be spliced to use, simple process, easy to produce.

High light conversion rate (more than 30% higher than traditional panels), uniform light, long life, more than 8 years of normal use in the indoor, safe, environmentally friendly, durable and reliable, suitable for both indoor and outdoor.

In the case of the same area luminous brightness, high luminous efficiency, low power consumption.

Can be made into special shapes, such as round, ellipse, arc, triangle, etc.

In the case of the same brightness, you can use thinner products, saving costs,

Any light source can be used, including LED CCFL (cold cathode lamp) and fluorescent tube, etc.

Customized Light Guide Plate

Custom sizes and shapes are available, and we can design LED light guide plates in any size from 50mm*50mm to 3000mm*1500mm. Cut to specified sizes and manufactured to fit interior and exterior applications. We also incorporate the unique grid cut or laser dotted LGP for high brightness LEDs, which makes it possible to produce "frameless" led lite panels.

We not only customize LED lite sheets in standard shapes (square and rectangular), but also manufacture irregularly shaped LED lite panels and thermally bent LED lite panels. In order to meet the needs of our customers, we are committed to providing a variety of custom-shaped LED lite panels.

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