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Clear Reeded Acrylic Sheet
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Clear Reeded Acrylic Sheet

Reeded acrylic sheet

Inquire ribbed acrylic sheet now!

We offer you cut to size reeded acrylic sheet, reeded plastic sheet.

Reeded acrylic sheet is widely used for building facades, interior decoration, including flooring, shop fixtures, house divisions, furniture, displays, shower doors, cabinets and more. These acrylic products are bespoke decorative plastic sheets that

As a manufacturer and supplier of reeded acrylic sheets, we can accept custom orders and custom specifications including thickness, size, pattern style etc. Our reeded acrylic sheets are beautifully patterned, crystal clear and produce a certain shading effect, making them a great choice for partitions, shower doors, displaying indoor and outdoor furniture, home furnishings etc. with interesting and beautiful patterns. A good choice.

We offer free samples and catalogues. We have rich material stocks, largeproduction capacity, reasonable shipping, welcome to inquiry!

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