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How to cut Acrylic Sheet?

Feb. 13, 2020

As a China Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer, share with you.

1. Use three to four new wallpaper blades to stack them neatly. Wrap the lower half with tape. Be sure to neatly.

2. Then use the tip of the back of the wallpaper knife head (the head on the back of each blade has a small pocket) to scratch the part you want to bend, make sure to equalize the force, and use a ruler to draw until it reaches 1 / 2-1 / 3 of the thickness of the acrylic board;

3. After marking the grooves, use a hair dryer (change the wind to focus on the wind), or you can use a wax to bake, do not bake. Then one fold, and it came over. The bend turned straight because of the blade.

Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic Sheet

Everydody who like DIY acrylic products, I don't know if they can make it clear. Be careful in the process of cutting acrylic plates, and don't let the blade reach your hand. Everyone should be careful in the process of doing it:

1. Acrylic board cannot coexist with other organic solvents, let alone contact with organic solvents

2. Do not scratch the surface protective film or protective paper during transportation.

3. Do not use in environments where the temperature exceeds 85 ° C

4. Use only 1% soapy water to clean the acrylic sheet. Soak the soapy water with a soft cotton cloth. Do not use hard or dry wipes, otherwise the surface will be easily scratched.

5. Acrylic Sheet has a large coefficient of cold and thermal expansion, so consideration should be given to the expansion gap due to temperature changes.

Can organic tablets replace acrylic boards?

Organic flakes are actually recycled plastic waste. Acrylic is another concept. Another thing is that organic tablets are not as tough as acrylic and very brittle. Some people say that organic flakes can't be bent hot. It can also bend just hard to control.

Organic flakes are a thermoplastic amorphous resin. The material must be controlled at an adapted temperature. Organic flakes are a high temperature resistant sheet.

Colorless, odorless, odorless and shiny, light weight, low price, low water absorption, good colorability, stable chemical properties, excellent electrical insulation, especially high frequency insulation, certain impact resistance and weather resistance And aging resistance, good light transmittance, resistance to general chemical corrosion, cheaper price than organic glass, can be machined, bent, screen printed, blister.

Acrylic board is not fragile and can replace ordinary silica glass. Excellent weather resistance, under normal temperature can be more than 10 years without deterioration. High surface hardness and gloss. Good processing performance, suitable for mechanical processing and easy to thermoform. Good chemical resistance, suitable for surface decoration such as spray coating, screen printing, vacuum coating, and film. Environmental protection can be recycled, non-toxic and harmless.

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