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How to Polish Acrylic Sheet?

Oct. 13, 2020

As a Lighting Diffuser Factory, share with you.

You will need:

Metal file

Sandpaper/sandpaper block

Polishing wheel


Step 1: File off rough edges

It is important that the edges of the acrylic board are flat. Use a metal file to smooth out any large lumps that may be left on the nicks or using a saw.

Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic Sheet

Step 2: Polish the edges

Add water to the sandpaper on the sandpaper. The sandpaper needs to be slightly moistened, so make sure to use enough water. From here, frost the edges. As the edges become smoother and smoother, please continue to replace the sandpaper to obtain finer grit until there is 600 grit sandpaper left.

Step 3: Polish the edges

After using 600 grit sandpaper, you should now have a smooth surface, but to obtain a smooth and transparent surface, you need to polish the edge of the plexiglass plate. Connect the polishing wheel to the electric drill, and then apply polishing agent on the polishing wheel or directly on the acrylic resin. From here, you can simply polish the edges until they have a shiny and smooth effect.

Drill acrylic

Never cut acrylic with cheap universal drill bits. Acrylic material can be a difficult material to use, which means that if you cut it incorrectly, complications may occur. Generally, special plastic cutting bits usually produce the best results, but good results can be achieved when using high-quality HSS bits.

First, use a small drill to create a pilot hole. From here, you can reach the required hole size. Always let the drill bit cut under its own weight-avoid forcing the drill bit into the acrylic plate, as this will cause the acrylic to crack, chip or crack. In case the drill bit gets stuck in the acrylic plate, this is unlikely to happen, just turn the drill bit upside down to retrieve it.

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