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Abrasion Resistant Acrylic Sheet
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  • abrasion resistant acrylic sheet

  • abrasion resistant acrylic sheet

  • abrasion resistant acrylic sheet

  • abrasion resistant acrylic sheet

Abrasion Resistant Acrylic Sheet

Item No: JK-JYB

Surface Finish: hard coated

Acrylic Type: Extruded

Light Transmission:90%

Thickness:0.4、0.5、0.65、0.8.....2.0、3.0、5.0.....10.0mm(Can be tailor base on customer requirement)

Sheet Size:1250*1680mm (Standard) 


Excellent optical clarity and high impact strength

Excellent optical clarity and high impact strength

Abrasion resistant acrylic sheets are extruded sheet which offers excellent optical clarity and high impact strength with abrasion and chemical resistant properties. It is produced by applying a very hard, polysilicate coating to an optical acrylic substrate. It is available with coating on one side or two sides. While two-side coated sheet provides maximum protection, one-side coated sheet offers economical advantages for applications where only one side of the sheet is exposed. In addition, the un-coated side is ideal for silk screening.

One side & two side

Abrasion resistant acrylic sheets that one side coated is a great glass replacement for flat panel monitors, signs and LCD screens, and framing. Two side coated is suitable for interior and exterior break resistant windows and such so on.

One side & two side
Key Features:

Key Features:

A. offering excellent resistance against abrasion, scratches, chemicals and weather degradation.

B. Perfect material for surface protections, glazing, guard screens, displays and more.

C.  Easily maintained with soap and warm water –no harsh chemicals needed

D   Supplied with protective film on both sides.

E. Suitable for the fabrication of electroplating, hard coating and Screen printing .



Since The AR Coating Is Chemically Resistant, It Cannot Be Glued With Acrylic Cement. Glue Only Uncoated Sides And Edges.

Abrasion Resistant Acrylic Sheet

Testing Method:

The excellent scratch resistance can be confirmed by the pencil hardness test.

This test involves a pencil being clamped into a device at a 45-degree angle to the surface to be tested, and then being slid across the surface of the test sample. The first pencil hardness (starting with the highest hardness) whose tip does not leave a noticeable scratch is considered the characteristic physical variable. For comparison, conventional acrylic sheet has a pencil hardness rating of HB, while abrasion resistant acrylic sheets has a 5H hardness rating, which is six degrees higher.

Abrasion Resistant Acrylic Sheet


 1)Material characteristics

PropertiesTest methodTest conditionResult
DensityASTM D792-0823±0.5℃1.19g/cm3
Water absorptionASTM D570-9850±3℃,24h0.27%
Light luminoustransmissionASTM D1003-07Specimen thickness:3.0mm90.0%
Heat distortion tempASTM D648-07Width:3.00mm,120℃/hLoad:1.82MPa88.4℃
Vicat softeningtemperatureASTM  D1525-09Thickness:3.0mm,120℃/hLoad:50N104.0℃
Mold shrinkageASTM D955-0823±2℃,50±5%RH,48hParallel to flow0.37%
Perpendicular to flow0.31%
Tensile strengthASTM D638-10Thickness:3.0mm,5mm/min61.8MPa
Elongation at break3.0%
Tensile modulus3270 MPa
Flexural strengthASTM D790-103.0mm,1.3mm/min48mm107 Mpa
Flexural modulus3310 MPa
IZODnotched lmpact strengthASTM D256-10Width:3.0mm 1J15J/m
(HRR)Rockwell hardness(HRR)Hardness Pencil TesterASTM D33634H
AdhesionBoiling tester30mins in Boiling water5B
Wear resistanceTaber Wear resistance tester1000g/cm2,stroke:3.3cm speed:40 cycles/min 200 cyclesNo scratch
WaterproofBoiling testerSoaking in water 24hNo change


Surface: One Side Coated / Two Sides Coated
Note: According to customer demand for different mold, build the required size


The hard coating provides acrylic sheets with a surface that has 40 times the abrasion resistance of uncoated acrylic, making it an attractive material for applications that require the safety and frequent public contact and involved heavy use, such as displays, exhibits and fixtures, abrasion resistant sheet will help maintain a “like-new” premium appearance much longer.

Can be widely used in:

A. Furniture, exhibition booth construction and shopfitting

B. Large-scale wall cladding

C. Marker boards

D. Glazing

E. Fittings and display case construction

F.  Displays

G. Aircraft industry

H. Industrial glazing

I.  Signage

Abrasion Resistant Acrylic Sheet

Abrasion Resistant Acrylic Sheet

Abrasion Resistant Acrylic Sheet

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