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Diffuer Sheet/Film

KunXin Material specialize in Textured acrylic diffuser sheet separately, has been serving the lighting industry & decoration market for almost 10 years, products included: Acrylic diffuser sheet, Polycarbonate diffuser, PS diffuser, Acrylic textured/pattern plate, and optical PMMA & Polycarbonate sheet/film, it's widely used in Fluorescent light fixtures, Led panel light, Ceiling light & architectural applications and display panels, digital photo frames.

As an industry supplier and manufacturer of polycarbonate acrylic diffuser sheet products for decades, we understand the key concerns of manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and users. Technology enables our sheets to achieve excellent light diffusion capabilities and very low light absorption for efficient light control in a variety of LED applications. Our acrylic diffuser sheet materials are easy to use, efficient and reliable. We have the industry's best infrastructure and network of retail locations to supply sign-grade polycarbonate acrylic diffuser sheets as early as possible. Our production and storage capacity supports our long-term supply consistency to manufacturing. Our experienced technical experts can help you select the right acrylic diffuser sheet material for your specific manufacturing process, electrical compliance, durability standards, temperature ranges and other specifications

We supply samples of acrylic diffuser sheets, and custom acrylic diffuser sheets, It usually takes 7 to 15 days after sample confirmation and receiving your advance payment. The specific delivery time depends on the items and the quantity of your order.

Diffused Plastic Sheet, also named polycarbonate diffuser sheet, made from light diffusing acrylic plastic, has the same strength and durability as regular Plexiglas sheets. This type of Diffused Plastic Sheet is lightweight, versatile, easy to work with and can be custom thermoformed into complex shapes, making it ideal for lighting applications. For any type of backlighting application, you need Diffused Plastic Sheet to help prevent hot spots and brightness fluctuations, so there is a wide range of applications for Diffused Plastic Sheet in both public transport and aerospace. High quality, J&K produces Diffused Plastic Sheet products with the largest range of options in terms of beam angle, haze, clarity and colour performance to provide the highest levels of efficiency. Light diffusing acrylic is available in a variety of sizes and colours for applications such as lighting fixtures, commercial lighting, wall lights, retail merchandise, menu boards, jewellery boxes, lenses and LED light diffusion. 

What are the characteristics of LED light diffuser?

Customizable with the widest range of options in beam angle, haze, clarity and color performance

Beautiful, different patterns, different textures of light diffusing panels can be selected

High impact strength.

Sheets can be thermoformed.

Ensure healthy and safe sustainable products


scratch proof

What are the uses of LED light diffusers?

Excellent properties make sign-grade polycarbonate sheet the first choice for non-electrical signage, video screens, neon signage, digital billboards, channel lettering, LED signage, menu boards, and more. Ease of use and reduced cost are the driving forces behind the growing popularity of PC Lite LED light diffusers.


Flat and thermoformed logo faces

Channel letters in electronic signage

Channel letters in non-electrical signage

Minimal breakage during field use

high performance signage

Please browse J&K Plastics' selection of light diffusing acrylic sheets below, or request a quote for your project today.

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