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What are the Characteristic Values of the Acrylic Diffuser?

Feb. 03, 2021

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Commonly used guidelines for characterizing light transmission characteristics include transmittance, haze, refractive index, birefringence, and dispersion. Among the above guidelines, there are two primary guidelines for light transmittance and haze. Combining these two guidelines here, the key points are the characteristic values and detection methods of acrylic diffusers:

PC Diffuser Sheet

PC Diffuser Sheet

Optical characteristic value of acrylic diffuser

Generally, for the optical function quality control of transparent and translucent plastics such as plate, sheet, film, tube, etc., the first priority is to pass inspection and evaluation of light transmittance and haze. my country was drafted by the former Ministry of Chemical Industry of the People’s Republic of China, Chenguang Chemical Research Institute of the former Ministry of Chemical Industry and other units, and was issued by the State Administration of Standards. On September 1, 1981, a "Transparent Plastics Transmittance and Haze Test Method" was implemented. ". The definition is as follows:

1. Light transmittance-the ratio of the luminous flux passing through the sample to the luminous flux hitting the sample, indicated by a percentage.

2. Haze——The ratio of the scattered luminous flux that deviates from the incident light direction through the sample to the transmitted luminous flux, indicated in percentage (for this method, only the scattered luminous flux that deviates from the incident light direction by more than 2.5 degrees is used to calculate haze) . The cloudy or turbid appearance of the inside or outside of a transparent or translucent material due to light scattering. It is indicated as a percentage of the ratio of the scattered luminous flux to the luminous flux through the material. It is an important parameter for the optical transparency of transparent or translucent materials.

This method can be used to manipulate products and study some optical functions of products. As long as the transparent plastic is under the same thickness, the light transmittance and haze can be compared. Haze and light transmittance are two different concepts.

Both light transmittance and haze are important guidelines for measuring the transparency of materials. Generally speaking, light transmittance and haze are inversely related, that is, materials with high light transmittance have low haze, and vice versa.

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