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How to Improve the Quality of LED Lighting Through PC Diffuser?

Feb. 24, 2021

As a Lighting Diffuser Factory, share with you.

With the rapid development of the LED lighting industry, LED lighting products have become mature and stable, and the requirements of the products have gradually changed from the pursuit of high light efficiency and low cost to the pursuit of light quality and light health. The future development of diffusers must be realized quickly with LED light sources. The improvement of light quality and light health.

LED Panel Light Diffuser Sheet

LED Panel Light Diffuser Sheet

Light quality is the pursuit of light comfort while lighting LED lamps, reducing or even eliminating glare from lamps and improving quality; light health is pursuing LED lighting to achieve illumination while controlling the intensity of blue and ultraviolet radiation, providing additional functions. Reduce light pollution and give the lamps the function of improving the environment, protect people's health, and meet people's needs for a better life.

The idea of how to improve light quality, light health, light quality, and light health through pc diffusers has gradually become popular. At present, the lighting industry is developing in the direction of improving the comfort and protection of light to improve light quality and light health.


At present, the main factors that affect people's comfort are glare and LED stroboscopic, which are easy to cause people's fatigue and visual discomfort. There are three solutions to improve lighting comfort:

1. By controlling the light output angle of the light source, the traditional light output angle is 360°, and the glare is very strong. At present, the light output angle of most lamps on the market is reduced to 120° or even lower to reduce the glare.

2. By controlling the optical transmission angle of the light guide material / lampshade, through the internal structure of the light guide plate, change the light transmission direction, and change the light transmission angle through the surface structure of the lampshade, thereby reducing or even eliminating glare.

3. Through the anti-glare lampshade/panel, the light can be evened and the light spot distribution can be controlled at the same time, so as to reduce the glare.

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