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How Does Acrylic Sheet Form the Effect of Optical Diffusion?

Mar. 05, 2021

As a China Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer, share with you.

The diffusion plate uses chemical or physical means to use light to encounter two physical imaginations of different refractive index media, refraction, reflection and scattering, by adding inorganic or organic matrix based PMMA light diffusers, or through microarrays Structural characteristics: Artificial adjustment of light, light refraction, reflection and scattering in different directions on the surface of the substrate, changing the path of light, and completely incident light color produces the effect of light diffusion.

Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic Sheet

A. Traditional diffuser

The traditional PMMA diffuser mainly incorporates chemical particles into the PMMA matrix as scattering particles, so that when light passes through the scattering layer, it will be refracted, reflected and scattered in two media with different refractive indexes, thereby producing the effect of light diffusion. However, in this way, light will inevitably be absorbed by the diffusion particles, resulting in low light energy utilization.

Frequently added chemical particles include: organic light diffuser inorganic light diffuser mixing uniformity

B. New microstructure diffuser

The new microscopic PMMA diffuser is a structured surface arranged through a series of micro-characteristics, so when the light refracted in different directions passes through, the light travel path is changed, so as to achieve a fully dispersed incident light and achieve a mild or even radiant effect. . Common microstructures include:

a.V-groove array

b. u-shaped convex groove array

c. Pyramid array

d. Ring array

e. Micro lens array

The acrylic diffuser has high light transmittance. By changing the shape of the microstructure and different arrangements, the diffusion angle, the space and energy distribution of the light field can be adjusted, and the effect on the uniformity and the light transmittance of the light diffuser can be adjusted, so it attracts It is highly valued by researchers.

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