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What are the Advantages of Using PMMA Light Guide Plate?

Mar. 15, 2021

As a PMMA Diffuser Sheet Factory, share with you.

PMMA light guide plate can be used in many industries in practical applications. It has many advantages, mainly long life, good light guide effect, and better luminous efficiency. How do these advantages reflect? The following is a detailed introduction.

Acrylic Sheets

Acrylic Sheets

1. Long service life is its main feature. Whether it is used in medical institutions or in environmental decoration, a lot of time can be used after one design and installation. In addition, in some subway station light boxes, the effect of engraving the light guide plate is obviously better than that of the printing plate.

2. Outstanding light guiding effect. The main application of the light guide plate is to highlight the uniformity of light and the absence of dark spots, especially the catheter plate used in medical and research institutions, which can obtain good feedback. The process is flexible and can be cut at will. Because each product of the light guide plate is individually carved. The engraved light guide plate can be cut arbitrarily, and any shape can be made. This advantage makes it more widely used.

3. High luminous efficiency. In the case of the same area, in fact, the requirements for electricity consumption are not very high, and the power is relatively low, which can obtain the most guarantee in use. Under the same brightness, the product is relatively thin. The cost of the products used is relatively small, which effectively saves energy. For the use of light guide plates, users can save costs, because the normal useful life of a plate is more than 8 years, the more environmentally friendly production process, and the thinner plate, the cost is relatively low, which greatly reduces energy consumption .

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