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Do you Know the Support Nails and Backlight Module of PC Light Diffusion Board?

Mar. 20, 2021

As a China Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer, let me share with you. A support nail for a PC light diffusion plate includes a degree base, a support column main body and a claw. The degree base defines a plane. The supporting column main body extends upward from the degree base along a deflection direction. The claws are extended and arranged under the horizontal base to be clamped on the back plate of the direct type backlight module. The angle between the one deflection and the plane is less than 80 degrees and not less than 45 degrees. When an external force is applied to the PC light diffusion plate, the main body of the supporting column can provide the purpose of buffering the external force. This discovery also provides a backlight module, which includes a backplane, a light source, a PC light diffusion plate, and a plurality of PC light diffusion plate supporting nails as described above. The light-emitting source is configured on the backplane. The PC light diffusion plate supporting nails are arranged between the back plate and the PC light diffusion plate, and are clamped on the back plate to support the PC light diffusion plate. The support column body that has experienced skew can effectively reduce the damage caused by the impact of the PC light diffuser.

Clear Acrylic Sheet

Clear Acrylic Sheet

A PC light diffuser for liquid crystal displays, in which at least one surface of a low-hygroscopic resin layer (A) with a water absorption rate of less than 0.2% for 24 hours as determined in accordance with JIS K7209 is laminated with a content of 50% or more The styrene resin layer (B) and the appearance of the layer (B) are compared with 100 parts by mass of the resin and containing 3.5-5 parts by mass of ultraviolet absorber. The arithmetic balance roughness (Ra) calculated by JIS B0601 It is 5μm~30μm. Based on this discovery, it is possible to supply PC light diffusers for liquid crystal displays that are made of low-hygroscopic resin that can prevent moisture-absorbing warpage, have less scratches on the appearance, and have greatly improved light resistance.

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