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What Kind of Acrylic Diffuser Will Deform?

Jan. 26, 2021

As a Lighting Diffuser Factory, share with you. Acrylic diffuser panels have been around for nearly a hundred years, but all kinds of products that extend from acrylic have been developing and updating at a rapid pace, making people unavoidably dizzy. Next, we will introduce several currently updated acrylic products: bordered 3D luminous characters, blister 3D luminous characters, blister side luminous characters and blister 3D light boxes. These four products have their own characteristics, and are also subdivided in terms of use.

J.K Acrylic Diffuser

J.K Acrylic Diffuser

Bordered three-dimensional luminous characters: This type of acrylic blister molding has a strong three-dimensional effect, large luminous surface, anti-ultraviolet function, bright colors, and it will remain unchanged for ten years. Suitable for taller and larger signboard projects.

blister three-dimensional luminous characters: metal lining, exquisite workmanship, optional colors, UV protection. The corners are straight and flat, and the lines flow. The surrounding of the font is illuminated and the visual effect is better.

blister side luminous characters: intact font, large luminous surface, anti-ultraviolet function, bright colors, and more expressive power of different colors.

blister three-dimensional character light box: fonts plus box body, the light-emitting surface is enlarged, and the visual effect is excellent.

Acrylic diffuser is likely to be twisted and deformed during processing. What should we do when such a situation occurs?

The following small suggestions hope to help you:

1. If it is the deformation caused by poor acrylic demolding, the number of push rods or the area can be appropriately increased, and the demolding slope can also be set to achieve the intention.

2. If the cooling method is not appropriate, resulting in lack of cooling time or uneven cooling, just increase the extended cooling time and adjust the cooling method.

3. If the molding conditions cause residual stress to cause deformation, it can be tested by increasing the mold and making the mold temperature uniform, reducing the injection pressure and increasing the resin temperature, perhaps using annealing to eliminate the stress.

4. If the acrylic molding shrinkage causes deformation, the mold plan can only be corrected.

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