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What is the Difference Between a Light Guide Plate and a Diffuser Plate in an LED Panel Light?

Mar. 06, 2020

As a Lighting Diffuser Factory, share with you.

First of all, the materials are different. Most of the light guide plates are PMMA, and the diffuser plates are mostly PC. Secondly, the effect is different. The light guide plate is to guide the light source to spread evenly across the entire panel. It is mainly to more efficiently control the layout of the light and use the light source. The diffuser plate is mainly to diffuse the light flux and protect the optical material Impaired effect.

Diffuser Sheet for LED Panel Light

Diffuser Sheet for LED Panel Light

It can also be said that the diffusion plate adds technology to the light guide plate to make the light effect better.

PMMA material is much more expensive than PC material because of its good optical performance and better light transmission performance than PC material. PC diffuser is mainly used to disperse light and evenly distribute on the panel. Of course, the PC material also has the advantage that the PC material is more resistant to moisture than the PMMA material, and the PMMA material is easily deformed by absorbing water.

Panel light diffuser refers to the scattering phenomenon caused by light that penetrates other media during the progress. As long as two different media light from A to B will cause light to penetrate or reflect due to the refractive index or the interference of interference substances. The absorption and penetration parts are called light diffusion due to dispersion. There are three physical phenomena.

The panel light guide plate uses optical grade acrylic / PC board, and then uses high-tech materials with high reflectivity and no light absorption to print light guide on the bottom surface of the optical grade acrylic board with UV screen printing technology. point. Use optical grade acrylic sheet to absorb the light from the lamp to stay on the surface of the optical grade acrylic sheet. When the light hits each light guide point, the reflected light will diffuse to various angles, and then the reflection conditions will be destroyed. Frontal shot. Through a variety of dense, light guide spots of different sizes, the light guide plate can uniformly emit light. The purpose of the reflection sheet is to reflect the light exposed from the bottom surface back to the light guide plate, so as to improve the light use efficiency. Functional differences:

The main functions of PC Diffuser Sheet are:

1.Break the light flux and evenly distribute the light (some composite diffusion plates can control the exit angle in addition to making the light uniform)

2.Support the backlight architecture to protect the underlying optical materials from damage

The main role of the light guide plate is:

1. The light flux that guides the point light source of the LED panel light is evenly distributed throughout the surface. His key role is to guide the light distribution.

2.Using the reflection mechanism to more efficiently use the luminous flux and control the light distribution.

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