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Why do we need to Add a Heat Stabilizer when Making Acrylic Sheet?

Feb. 27, 2020

As a China Acrylic Textured Sheet Supplier, share with you. Now when making acrylic boards, additives such as heat stabilizers are often added. So, why is this?

PMMA Acrylic Sheet

PMMA Acrylic Sheet

1. Does not interact with additives that are already present in polymeric materials, such as plasticizers, fillers and pigments.

2. Saturated polymer chains are formed by the addition reaction with unsaturated bonds existing in the polymer material to improve the thermal stability of the synthetic material.

3. It can inhibit the oxidation and crosslinking of the polyene structure.

4. It has affinity for polymeric materials and is non-toxic or low-toxic.

5. It can quickly combine with the dropped off hydrogen chloride to inhibit its autocatalytic effect.

6. It can replace the active atoms existing in the polymer chain (such as the chlorine atom of the allyl position in PVC) to obtain more stable chemical bonds and reduce the possibility of triggering dehydrochlorination reactions.

Seven points to be achieved when using and maintaining Acrylic Sheet:

Generally speaking, in order to ensure the use of acrylic boards, the following seven points need to be enlarged during the use and maintenance process:

1.Acrylic polishing, if it is a small scratch, you can directly wipe it with toilet paper or a cloth with a little toothpaste. If it is a large scratch, I personally care to use a sandpaper to grind the acrylic. The whole surface is scratched, it will be worse.

2. Acrylic is easy to crack. Pay attention to the protection of the surface when handling.

3. Acrylic temperature will be deformed when heated at about 70 degrees, and it will soften when heated to above 100 degrees, so it should be avoided in places above 100 degrees.

4. Acrylic should be scrubbed with a soft cloth. Do not use any cleaning agent containing granular objects. Do not scrub with various chemical bath agents.

5. If the acrylic product is damaged, you can use IPS adhesive glue / adhesive dichloromethane type adhesive or quick-drying agent.

6. If you want acrylic products to be bright and beautiful, you can use liquid polishing wax and wipe it with a soft cloth.

7. The thermal expansion coefficient of acrylic is large, and the temperature change should be considered when installing or fixing, leaving space for expansion and contraction.

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