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Do you know what are the Precautions for the use of PC Diffuser Sheet?

Mar. 12, 2020

The tape on the board can prevent the board from being worn, but the service life of these tapes will not be very long, and users need to replace these tapes regularly. Experts from China Led Diffuser Plate Supplier believe that when installing plates, users need to pay attention to some important matters. First, they should cut off the plates according to the actual size. They must also use special adhesive tape to seal the holes on the plates. In this way, the fixed board is not easy to loosen.

PC Diffuser Sheet

PC Diffuser Sheet

Users are advised to be careful when sticking the tape, do not stain the surface of the PC Diffuser Sheet, and do not allow the tape to get dust or water, and also ensure that the tape completely covers the opening. Affect the quality of the board.

Before installing the plate, the user also needs to carefully check whether the tape is intact, and if there is any peeling tape, the user should replace them. In the process of using the board, the user should regularly maintain and maintain it to extend its service life, thereby saving costs.

PC diffuser manufacturers believe that users can use mild water and low-corrosive detergents to clean the boards, use a soft cloth to slowly wipe the boards, and not use rough, hard or sharp tools to wipe the boards. To dry the board, do not leave the board wet. Alcohol can help users remove traces of oil, glue, etc. from boards.

When transporting the board, the board should be placed flat on the truck. Haoxin reminds the user to take relevant measures to reduce the vibration of the board and prevent the board from being damaged during transportation, which will cause the user's economic loss.

During the transportation of the board, you must not place heavy objects on the board, nor use sharp objects to hit the board. The coils are loaded and unloaded using machinery or vehicle springboards. When unloading, you must protect the board and place It must not be exposed to the outside when it is in a cool place. When cleaning the board, it should be carried out in a small area. The water temperature must not be too high or too low. Wash it with warm water and then wipe the surface with soft tissue. . When cleaning, you must pay attention not to sand or wash with strong alkali, and do not wipe the surface with a dry cloth or hard brush, otherwise it will cause burrs.

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