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Acrylic bathtub

Oct. 17, 2017

The official name of acrylic sheet bathtub is glass fiber reinforced plastic tub.  The surface layer material is methyl propionate, methyl reverse covered with  glass fiber, coated with special resin reinforcement. Color acrylic bathtub  uniform, smooth surface, no stratification and bubble phenomenon.

Acrylic bathtub heat transfer is very slow, so good insulation effect, even  in the cold winter, acrylic bathtub surface skin contact does not feel "cold"  feeling. Acrylic bathtub and body appear collision, the body generally does not  touch the pain, is to create luxurious bath Required materials.

Acrylic bathtub with a certain degree of self-healing properties, if there  are scratches the surface of acrylic bathtubs, bathtub itself will have a  certain degree of self-healing capabilities. And the surface smooth white  acrylic bathtub, easy to clean.

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