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Precautions during polishing glass

Oct. 17, 2017

Polishing material properties testing There are many ways, Main technical  indicators are in glass polishing by polishing material per unit time loss and  to represent the service life. In addition, the technical level of their quality  and the operator will also affect the glass polishing glass polishing effect,  but the choice of the most important or polishing materials.

So in terms of selection and acrylic sheet polishing concrete polishing materials  What precautions do? First, according to the polishing process to select a  suitable polishing machine; polishing operations to know when high demands on  the environment, it requires us to place environmental polishing, polishing lighting diffuser process must comply with environmental requirements; choose polishing materials  should be placed on top priority we should be polished workpiece to select the  appropriate polishing materials, so as to meet the polished glass polishing  requirements; during polishing polishing specification which we should pay  attention to, if polishing materials and other aspects are not the problem, but  because polishing specifications improper operation caused the loss which is not  worth.

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