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Acrylic light box lighting attention matters

Oct. 17, 2017

1. The lighting

To make lighting inside the acrylic sheet light box obtain good visual effect, must  be carefully considered relevant lighting configuration.

2. The brightness

Degree of dazzling light box signs in addition to the brightness, there are  many other decision factors, including size, color, observation location,  surrounding environment of light and shade degree as well as the use fixed  number of year and maintenance of the light box signs, etc.

The brightness of the luminous logo, signs is decided by the following five  main factors:

a. the number of tubes, type, light output, color, and light the place in the  box

b. light transmittance of used material, acrylic, light reflex, light  absorption and diffusion factor

c. light boxes, size, thickness and used in special light box light box  reflection factor of the internal coating or other material

d. acrylic light absorption, light box inner tubes and electrical devices to  light

e. maintenance - light output intensity with the increase of service life of  the influence of the internal accumulation of dust and light box

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