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What is the Main Function of Acrylic Diffuser?

Dec. 24, 2020

As a China PMMA Diffuser Supplier, I would like to share with you.

The effect of the acrylic diffuser is to evenly diffuse the light of the guide plate, and there are also confusion points. The acrylic transmittance is 92%, PC 88%, and ps is about 80%. The transmittance of acrylic material is higher than that of PC, and the cost is low, although its anti-aging function Weak, precious PC data, strong anti-aging function. Acrylic diffuser, through chemical or physical methods, when refracted, light encounters two different refractive indexes in the center of the behavior, resulting in reflection and scattering of physical imagination. Inorganic or organic light diffusers are added to the base of the acrylic substrate, or light The microscopic features in the array sequence of different refraction directions reflect and scatter on the surface of the substrate, and then modify the light path and incident light to produce a light dispersion effect to achieve a perfect dispersion color.

Acrylic Sheets

Acrylic Sheets

A. The traditional acrylic diffuser is usually mainly to participate in chemical particles in the acrylic substrate as scattering particles. The light in the scattering layer is refracted, and the two different media are continuously scattered in the reflection and refractive index to produce light dispersion. effect. However, in this way, the absorption of light by scattered particles inevitably occurs, and the utilization rate of light energy will decrease. Chemical particles that are often added include organic light dispersants: inorganic light dispersants mixing uniformity

B. A new type of micro-structured acrylic diffuser, a new type of micro-structure, through the micro-array of its surface micro-characteristics to configure the structure, change the light path, make the light through the refraction in different directions, and the uniformity of the incident light Shine effect. General micro-special structures include: A, v-shaped groove sequence B, u-shaped convex sequence C, pyramid array D, ring array e, microlens array microstructure, acrylic diffuser in high light transmittance, microstructure by changing the shape, It can adjust the space and energy distribution of different placements, divergence angles and light fields, which aroused the attention of researchers. They realized the influence of the uniformity and transmittance of the light divergence sheet.

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