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What is LED Diffuser Sheet?

Apr. 02, 2018

The LED diffuser sheet/diffuser plate is a physical image that refracts, reflects, and scatters when it encounters two mediums with different refractive indices during the path of light by means of chemical or physical means, through the use of substrates such as PMMA, PC, PS, and PP. The inorganic or organic light diffusing agent is added to the base, or the array of micro-features of the structure on the surface of the substrate artificially adjusts the light, and causes the light to refract, reflect, and scatter in different directions. Thereby changing the path of light and achieving sufficient incident light. Scattered colors produce optical diffusion effects. LED diffuser sheet/diffuser plate are widely used in liquid crystal displays, LED lighting, and imaging display systems.We supply Diffuser sheet for Back-lit LED Luminaire, Acrylic Diffuser Sheet with good quality. Welcome contact to us at any time.

Acrylic Diffuser Sheet

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