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Development Background of LED Diffuser Sheet

Apr. 08, 2018

Led diffuser plate is an important part from the past to now. Glass was used as the lampshade initially, but the glass was not brittle and the diffusion effect of light was not very good. It was difficult to meet the lighting requirements. Later, it gradually developed to replace glass with resin, but if only transparent resin lampshade, although the light transmittance is high, the basic can reach more than 90%, but the light diffusion effect is not ideal, poor light concealment. The white resin, whose light transmittance is too low, seriously affects the illumination of the LED lamp. In this case, techniques such as adding milky white pigments and surface scrubbing aids are used. Although this solves the issue of light source shielding, there is an excessively low light transmittance, which seriously affects the efficacy of LED lighting. Therefore, the problem of diffusion masks has been plagued by problems. In such a contradictory problem of light rate and light source shielding. It is against this background that diffusers made of PMMA, PS, and PC plastics are used as substrates. We can provide the Diffuser Sheet for UGR <19 Solution.

Diffuser Sheet for UGR <19 Solution

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