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What are the Characteristics of Acrylic Diffuser?

May. 11, 2021

As a Textured Acrylic Plate Factory, share with you.

Acrylic diffuser has the optical characteristics of high haze, high light transmittance, high looseness and other plastic sheets, which can effectively convert point or line light sources into soft and uniform surface light sources, under the premise of achieving excellent light transmittance , Together with excellent light source lattice privacy, is an ambition optical material for the secondary light distribution of LED lighting products, and a better light loose material for LED lighting products.

LED Panel Light Diffuser Sheet

LED Panel Light Diffuser Sheet

Acrylic diffuser features

High brightness: Under the same transmittance, the brightness can be improved compared with the traditional diffuser.

Excellent concealment effect: the light source is loose and uniform, and the concealment lamp has an excellent effect.

High-scale stability: The amount of water-absorbing warpage is small, and the scale stability is excellent.

Excellent durability: In the accelerated ultraviolet aging test, it is not easy to yellow.

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