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How Does LED Lighting Improve the Light Quality Through the Diffuser?

Apr. 21, 2021

As an Acrylic Textured Sheet Factory, let me share with you.

With the rapid development of the LED lighting industry, LED lighting products have become more sophisticated and stable, and product requirements have gradually shifted from seeking high light efficiency and low cost to seeking light quality and light health. The future development of diffusers is to cooperate with LED light sources to quickly complete the improvement of light quality and light health.

J.K Acrylic Diffuser

J.K Acrylic Diffuser

Light quality is to seek the comfort of light when the LED lamps are lit and to reduce or even eliminate the glare from the lamps and improve the quality; the light health is to seek to control the blue and ultraviolet radiation intensity together with the LED lighting to provide additional functions. , Reduce light pollution and give the lamps the function of improving the environment, maintain people's health, and meet people's needs for a better life.

How to improve light quality and light health through diffuser

The concept of light quality and light health has gradually become a household name. Now the lighting industry is developing in the direction of improving the comfort and maintainability of light to improve light quality and light health.


At present, glare and LED stroboscopic are the primary factors that affect people's comfort by lighting fixtures, which are easy to cause people's fatigue and visual discomfort. There are three solutions to improve lighting comfort:

1. After controlling the light source point of view, the traditional light output point of view is 360°, and the glare is very strong. Now most of the lamps on the market have the light output point of view dropped to 120° or even lower to reduce glare.

2. After controlling the optical transmission point of view of the light guide material / lampshade, passing through the internal structure of the light guide plate, changing the light transmission direction, and passing through the surface structure of the lampshade, changing the light transmission point of view, thereby reducing or even eliminating glare.

3. After the anti-glare lampshade/panel, the light is evenly distributed and the light spotlight is controlled together to achieve the purpose of reducing the glare.

LED stroboscopic performance is still mainly handled from the LED light source.


The primary effects of lamps on people's health are blue light damage and ultraviolet damage. The high-energy blue light of 400nm-450nm with LED luminous body as the light source not only causes discomfort to the human body, but also damages the retina of the human eye. The ultraviolet rays of LED light sources can be ignored. Traditional light sources such as fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps have obvious ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet rays below 380nm will damage human skin health and require protection.

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