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What are the advantages of PC Diffuser Sheet?

Jan. 15, 2020

PC Diffuser Sheet products have a light transmittance of 80% or more and ordinary PC milky whiteboards are only 20%. Through the diffusion effect of the diffuser plate, the entire board surface forms a uniform light emitting surface without forming dark areas, which will not appear on the screen. The residual image is formed to make the picture more realistic and achieve the visual effect of crystal clearness throughout the body. Baixing Plastic can customize any size and engraving of PC diffuser.

PC Diffuser Sheet

PC Diffuser Sheet

When light is emitted from one medium to the smooth interface of another medium, part of the light is reflected by the interface, and part of the light is refracted in the other medium through the interface. The incident angle of light is equal to the reflection angle, and the reflected light and the incident light are on both sides of the normal in the same plane. This is the law of reflection. The refracted light conforms to the law of refraction: the refracted light is located in the plane of the incident light and the normal, the refracted light and the incident light are on both sides of the normal, and the sine ratio of the incident angle and the refracted angle is a constant. The laws of refraction and reflection are the basis of geometric optics. They not only theoretically study, but also lay the foundation for the development of optical technology, especially the diffusion plate and the design of optical products.

PC diffuser is a product processed by special process on the basis of ordinary PC single-layer board. It is a new optical material to achieve uniform surface light illumination. The effect of PC diffuser is related to the content and composition of diffused particles. The less the content of the diffusion particles, the higher the light transmittance and the lower the haze. The diffuser plate is generally light white and translucent. The more the content of the diffusion particles, the lower the light transmittance and the higher the haze. The diffuser plate is generally milky and opaque, so it can be seen that the transmittance and haze of the diffuser plate are inversely proportional, that is, they cannot be both. Through 20 years of continuous research and innovation on the diffusion masterbatch, Regarding the adjustment of the surface structure of the diffusion plate and the diffusion masterbatch, the PC diffusion plate achieves the balance of light transmittance and haze, so as to achieve the best effect of diffusion uniformity.

As a Lighting Diffuser Factory, share its product features with you.

Appearance: Milky whiteboard is translucent, with few crystal points, high light transmission, high smoothness and good flatness. Super impact resistance: 250 times the strength of general glass plates, more than 150 times that of tempered glass, and 30 times higher than acrylic plates. So it won't break in various accidents. Better protect your property and life. Construction performance: The density of the PC is 1.2, and the weight is only 1/2 of the glass, so the weight is lighter and easier to construct, reducing costs. Our company also has LED Lighting Diffuser Sheet on sale, welcome to consult.

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