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Why PC Diffuser Sheet Is Also So Popular In The Market?

Mar. 04, 2019

PC Diffuser Sheet includes many miniature diffuser beads which always alter the mild propagation.It turns light into a special experience. Soft, nice lighting devoid of unpleasant shadows causes agreeable surroundings.we can create big assortment of light diffuser sheet made from PC and acrylic. Only contact ustogether with your detailed request.

Features Of UGR Sheet

High light transmission, high light diffusion

High Impact Resistance, practically unbreakable

Restful to the eye, mood-enhancing

Long service life time

Large range of sheet sizes & thicknesses

Good visual effect for LED Cover

PC Diffuser Sheet

Typical Application Of Led Diffuser Plate

LED Advertising light box

Privacy Glazing


Illuminated signage

Light Diffuser in architectural light fittings


Lamp chimney, LED COVER


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