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What Effect Does The Haze Of The PS Diffuser Have On Light Transmission?

Mar. 12, 2019

The haze of the PS Diffuser has a certain influence on the light transmittance of the material. What kind of influence is there, and what is the haze? This is for professional Led Diffuser Plate Supplier to analyze for you.

Haze, also known as turbidity, can be used to measure the extent to which a transparent or translucent material is unclear or turbid, and represents an indicator of scatter. Haze is caused by a cloudy or hazy appearance caused by light scattering from the internal or external surface of the material. In simple terms, haze is the percentage of the ratio of the diffuse light flux to the painful material flux.

PS Diffuser

UGR<19 Supplier tell you both light transmittance and haze are important indicators for measuring the transparency of materials. The relationship between the two is as follows: Generally speaking, there is an inverse relationship between light transmittance and haze, that is, a material with a high transmittance has a low haze. vice versa. But the relationship between the two is not always the case, and sometimes there are opposite results. For example, the transmittance of frosted glass is higher, but its haze is also relatively large. Therefore, transmittance and haze are two optical indicators that are mutually antagonistic and interconnected.

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