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Why UGR19 Is So Popular In The Market?

Feb. 28, 2019

UGR19 stands for Unified Glare Rating of 19 or UGR<19, and it can be a parameter of bright a luminaire is at a sample room design, and is very essential in office spaces in which employees need to devote several hours per day and could use screen terminals for a big percentage of that moment.

The higher the UGR number the higher the glare from the luminaire and the increased discomfort for office workers. The glare can cause health and safety issues and welfare problems such as headaches, migraines and eyesight issues. The light fitting alone cannot be UGR19 compliant as it is not a characteristic of a luminaire but is a measure of how it performs in a physical space.


Specifiers are increasingly looking to meet their compliance challenges by specifying UGR19 compliant fittings with contractors. This leads to the increasingly common question “Is that fitting URG compliant?” strictly speaking the answer is No, UGR<19 Supplier can only supply fittings that support the UGR19 guideline as the calculation must take into account the physical occupancy of the space that is lit.

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