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PC Diffuser Sheet is compared with the characteristics of PMMA Diffuser Sheet

Nov. 06, 2019

  Both the PC diffuser sheet and the PMMA diffuser sheet are plastic sheets commonly used in our lives, but each has its own characteristics.

  PC Diffuser Sheet Features:

  Transparency up to 92%, the weather resistance is extremely strong, and the PC endurance board can maintain various physical functions within the limits of -40 to 120 degrees. The weather resistant endurance board can be constructed with many colors, and the service life is also long and strong, and can be ranked first in the plastic. Light weight, the same as the glass, light endurance board. Super offensive, there is no broken glass, transparent steel plate called anti-impact endurance board. The soundproofing function is very obvious. At this moment, many soundproof walls will use the PC endurance board to have good flame retardant performance. The highest flame retardant level is B1.

PMMA Diffuser Sheet

PMMA Diffuser Sheet

  PMMA Diffuser Sheet Features

  High transparency, 92% or more; convex weather resistance, excellent UV resistance and anti-aging; bright color, long color life; its weight is less than half of ordinary glass, and its resistance to cracking is several times higher; It has excellent insulation and machine strength; it has strong corrosion resistance to acid, alkali and salt; and it is easy to process; it can hold bonding, sawing, planing, drilling, engraving, grinding, printing, sandblasting, etc. Machining, after heating, can be bent into a variety of acrylic products.

  In order to serve our customers well, in order to serve our customers well, the company has introduced various advanced equipment:

  1) Automatic high-precision precision electronic cutting saw with an accuracy of 0.15mm and a capacity of up to 10,000 PC boards per day.

  2) Multiple CNC engraving machines and adsorption engraving machines with a precision of up to 0.07mm and a large engraving tabletop of 4m*2m, which can complete large-format PC board engraving.

  3) The 8-meter-long 300-ton pressure bending machine is the only bending processing equipment in the industry. It can meet the processing of PC board with a bending of 8 meters. With the heating equipment, it can meet the bending process of PC board with thickness less than 20mm.

  4) Advanced blister equipment and compression molding equipment are the key to ensure the processing of PC sheet. At the end of 2018, the company introduced two German imports on the basis of two original 2m*3m blister machines and compression molding machines. Large thick plate blister machine, can be used for PC board blistering, acrylic sheet forming, ABS blister, thick plate blister, the largest forming size is 2.5 m * 4.5 m, which fills the gap in the domestic PC sheet blistering field. Our company is PMMA Acrylic Manufacturers, if you are interested, if you are interested, please come to consult.

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