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How much do you know about PMMA Diffuser Sheet?

Nov. 13, 2019

Background, technical characteristics, principle and application of PMMA diffuser.

High Quality PMMA Diffuser Sheet, a material with light diffusing properties, is one of the types of diffuser plates of PS (polystyrene), PC (polycarbonate), PP (polypropylene), etc. The optical characteristics of plastic sheets such as haze, high light transmittance and high diffusivity can effectively convert point or line light sources into soft and uniform surface light sources. Under the premise of achieving good light transmittance, they also have good The light source lattice shielding property is an ideal optical material for solving the secondary light distribution of LED lamp products, and is the best light diffusion material for LED lighting products.

PMMA Diffuser Sheet

PMMA Diffuser Sheet

First, the PMMA diffuser produces a background

In the process of LED lighting fixtures being gradually accepted by the market, the problem of LED lamp masks has been plagued by lamp manufacturers, which must have high light transmittance as a premise, and at the same time have to have a relatively high light diffusivity and a good light source. Concealment, improving the effect of the luminaire and turning the LED glare into a soft, healthy light source is currently being researched by researchers. Glass was originally used as the lampshade, but the glass was not fragile, and the light diffusion effect was not very good, and it was difficult to meet the lighting requirements. Later, it gradually developed to replace the glass with resin. However, if the light cover is made of a transparent resin alone, although the light transmittance is high, it can basically reach 90% or more, but the light diffusion effect is not ideal, and the light source is poorly concealed. White resin, its light transmittance is too low, seriously affecting the illumination of LED lights. If it is the use of adding milky white pigment, surface matte assist and other technical means, although this solves the problem of light source shielding, but the light transmittance is too low, seriously affecting the light effect of LED lighting, so the problem of diffusing mask has been plagued Light source and light source shielding are such a contradiction. In this context, diffusion materials based on acrylic (PMMA), PS, and PC plastic sheets have emerged.

Second, the principle of PMMA diffusion plate

The diffusion plate uses chemical or physical means to utilize the physical imagining of refraction, reflection and scattering when the light encounters two media with different refractive indices on the way, by adding an inorganic or organic light diffusing agent to the PMMA substrate. Or by arranging the array of micro-features on the surface of the substrate to artificially adjust the light, causing the light to refract, reflect, and scatter in different directions, thereby changing the traveling path of the light, thereby achieving sufficient color dispersion of the incident light to produce optical diffusion effect. .

Fourth, PMMA diffuser features and technical indicators

As a China Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer, let me introduce the characteristics of the PMMA diffuser sheet.

High brightness: At the same penetration rate, brightness can be improved compared to conventional diffusers.

Excellent shielding effect: the light source has good diffusion and homogenization ability, and the effect of shielding the lamp is excellent.

High dimensional stability: low water absorption warpage and excellent dimensional stability.

Excellent durability: It is not easy to have yellowing in the accelerated test of ultraviolet aging.

Excellent quality assurance: All products are tested for UL-94 and RoHS toxic.

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