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Do You Know the Application Field of Led Diffuser Plate?

Aug. 22, 2018

Diffusion plate used in liquid crystal display.

Scattered plate is widely used in liquid crystal display and imaging display system. Its main function is to make the incident light scatter sufficiently and achieve a more soft and uniform illumination effect.

The diffuser used in the direct-down backlight system of LCD TV has good properties such as heat resistance, dimensional stability, mechanical strength and fire resistance. It also has high light transmittance, excellent shelter and durability, which makes the light diffusing effect reach the best state and is most suitable for the direct-down backlight unit.

Product characteristics

Light source diffusivity: suitable for straight-down backlight module, with high brightness, high diffusivity, can improve the uniform distribution of backlight diffusivity.

Light transmittance: excellent light transmission rate to produce its high brightness.

Dimensional stability: the smallest water absorption, in the humid environment can still maintain good dimensional stability, and in the temperature range of - 40 ~125 ~C can be used normally.

Antistatic property: it has good surface antistatic property and prevents dust adsorption.

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 Led Diffuser Plate

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