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Do You Know Acrylic Sheet?

Aug. 30, 2018

The emergence of Acrylic Sheet has driven the development of related industries, such as the advertising industry. The emergence of this acrylic sheet now brings more development opportunities to the industry. Under normal circumstances, there are many production methods. The processing methods of this acrylic sheet are: 1. Hot bending, 2. Mechanical polishing 3. Flame polishing, 4. Thermoforming Acrylic Sheet refers to baking with a hot air. Molding, so that you will get the acrylic sheet you want now, and after hand-refined processing, I believe this acrylic will have a better effect.

Acrylic sheet material classification is mainly divided into three categories in China: one is imported board; the other is Taiwan-funded board; the third is domestic board. They differ in the origin and (MMA) purity of the raw materials used. This is also the key to determining the quality and price of the board.

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Acrylic Sheet

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