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China Colorful Patterned Mirror Sheet

Nov. 07, 2017

Textured acrylic lenses or patterned mirrors are mainly used in decorating, display and point of sale interior decoration, visual marketing, store design, food service industry applications and other fields, as well as the need to reduce the weight of light acrylic and hospital, prison, kindergarten and other acrylic plastic sheet Anti-crushing ability.

Features of our acrylic mirror sheets/PS sheets:

Our textured acrylic mirrors, which have the highest commercial quality, are approximately 17 times more impact resistant than glass of the same plate thickness and are manufactured using the industry's most rugged protective back coat to help protect the acrylic reflector from scratches In the general use and preparation process.

Recommended product: Two Way Mirror Sheet

Two Way Mirror Sheet

Two way Mirror is also used to make infinity lights and multiple image devices. It can be used in advertising and for special theatrical props and effects.


We can provide silver, a series of bright colors and stunning paper effects, we can provide acrylic lenses and stock cutting pieces.

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