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Use of Acrylic Sheet

Nov. 10, 2017

PMMA has the advantages of light weight, low cost, easy molding and so on. Its molding methods are casting, injection molding, machining, thermoforming and so on. In particular, injection molding can be mass-produced, the process is simple, low cost. Therefore,it is widely used in instrumentation parts, automotive lights, optical lenses, transparent pipes and so on. Made of acrylic basin, bathtub, toilet, not only beautiful, durable, but also has the role of environmental protection, its radiation and human own skeleton radiation level is almost the same.

Decorative Acrylic Sheets

1. Building applications: windows, noise doors and windows, mining mask, telephone booths and so on.

2. Advertising Applications: light boxes, signs, signs, display rack and so on.

3. Traffic applications: trains, cars and other vehicle windows and doors.

4. Medical Applications: Baby incubators, all kinds of surgical equipment, medical supplies: bathroom facilities, handicrafts, cosmetics, brackets, aquariums, etc.

5. Industrial Applications: Instrument panel and cover.

6. Lighting Applications: fluorescent lamps, chandeliers, street lamp covers and so on.

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