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Cautions During Sticking Acrylic Sheets

Mar. 28, 2018

When we use acrylic glue to bond the acrylic sheet, the first thing we need to do is to wipe the acrylic surface clean, so that the adhesive does not shake, which will help improve the quality of the bond. For a cross-section with a thickness of 3 mm or less, the syringe can be filled with glue from one side, and the glue can be injected with uv curing light for 1-2 minutes. Thickness of more than 3 mm, can be inserted into the thin metal wire, use the principle of capillary action to complete the sizing, after the sizing with UV curing light before the extraction of the wire, or can be used to stick to the adhesive tape Protect and leave the glued part with glue, and then obliquely put the acrylic sheet out of the bubble. Irradiation with uv curing light for 1-2 minutes completes the bonding.

Acrylic Textured Sheet

The above is just one of the methods of sticking acrylic products with uv glue, and there are many other methods of bonding. The bonding method is not the same, the key is the user to be skillful, try different bonding methods, and find a suitable bonding process for their products.

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