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How to Cut Acrylic Sheet?

Mar. 23, 2018

Acrylic sheet is widely used in home decoration, especially acrylic pattern sheet. Do you know how to cut acrylic sheet?

1, Machinery

The use of mechanical cutting acrylic sheet is relatively simple, common engraving machines, chainsaws, laser cutting machines, these tools can cut a very good effect, save time and effort.

2, Manual class

In fact, many consumers inquired about how the acrylic sheet was cut because it was intended to be self-made, and there was no corresponding mechanical tool at hand. Hand-cut acrylic sheets need to use a hook knife, as long as the planning of the board in advance, and then use a hook knife cut to half of the board, then cut off by hand, you want to trim the edge can be polished.

Acrylic Sheet

3, Acrylic plate bending

The sheet was softened with a forced air oven, but it was formed when the temperature was between 140°C and 160°C. Look for a small angle iron that matches the length of the acrylic plate that will be bent. Fix the angle iron on the acrylic plate with a clip, put it together in boiling water, or blow with a hair dryer along the right-angle side of the angle iron. Then put it on the plane and squeeze it.

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