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Advantages of Acrylic Board Product

Oct. 31, 2017

1. Hardness of acrylic board/plate/sheet: hardness is the best embodiment of casting acrylic production technology and technology parameters. It is an important part of quality control. Hardness can reflect the purity of raw materials MMA, sheet weather resistance and high temperature performance. Hardness directly affect the plate will shrink shrinkage deformation, processing, whether the surface will appear chapped and so on. Hardness is one of the rigid indicators to judge the quality of acrylic board. Imported material casting acrylic plate with the current domestic products with higher hardness indicators. The average Darling hardness is about 89 degrees.

Diamond Diffuser Plate(K12 Pattern)

2. Thickness Tolerance of acrylic board/plate/sheet: The thickness tolerance here is the thickness of the acrylic sheet of acrylic tolerance, this tolerance control is an important manifestation of quality management and production technology. The thickness of the extruded acrylic plate is controlled within + 0.2 mm.

3. Transparency / Whiteness of acrylic board/plate/sheet: Strict selection of raw materials, advanced recipe follow-up and modern production process to ensure that the board is very good transparency and pure whiteness. Flame polished after crystal clear.

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