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Acrylic Sheet is Popular Nowadays

Feb. 01, 2018

Acrylic sheet has many unique advantages, therefore, will be widely used by people, it has the following characteristics:

1, We all know, acrylic plate is also known as being processed plexiglass, therefore, forming acrylic plate has a very good transparency, high light transmittance.

2, Acrylic sheet weathering performance and anti-aging performance is very good, therefore, acrylic board products suitable for use in a variety of different environments, after a long period of use will not have an impact on their performance.

Colored Mirror Acrylic Sheet

3, The overall performance of acrylic board is good, the type of acrylic board is more diverse, and have a very rich color, all aspects of the processing performance is better, for example, we can color, painting, coating, etc., Change, use a wide range. Colored Mirror Acrylic Sheet, Striped Acrylic Sheet appeared and popular among people.

4, Acrylic board has a good processing performance, due to the special nature of raw materials for the production of acrylic board, therefore, the plate produced has a good amount of processing performance, when we re-manufacture it, you can use machining.

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