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Why Acrylic Sheets Commonly Used?

Jan. 30, 2018

Acrylic sheet commonly known as plexiglass, its main features of weather and acid and alkali performance is good, not because of years of sun and rain, and the phenomenon of yellowing and hydrolysis. So various decorative acrylic sheets appeared, including acrylic mirror sheet.

Acrylic Mirror Sheet

The reasons may be the following:

Long life, compared with other materials products, long life expectancy of more than three years.

Good light transmission, up to 92%, the required light intensity is small, saving energy.

Impact resistance, is 16 times that of ordinary glass, suitable for installation in special needs safety zone.

Insulation performance, suitable for all kinds of electrical equipment.

Light weight, lighter than ordinary glass, buildings and brackets to bear the load.

Colorful, high brightness, is not comparable to other materials.

Plasticity, shape changes, processing and molding easy.

High recyclability, recognized by increasing environmental awareness.

Easy to maintain, easy to clean, rain can be naturally clean, or scrub with soap and a soft cloth.

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