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Technical Index of Diffuser Acrylic Sheet

Feb. 05, 2018

First, let us review the features of diffuser acrylic sheet.

• High Brightness: With the same transmittance, the brightness can be improved compared with the traditional diffuser.

Excellent masking effect: good light diffusion and homogenization ability, excellent effect of shading lamp.

• High dimensional stability: low water absorption and warpage, excellent dimensional stability.

• Excellent durability: yellowing is not easy in the accelerated aging test of UV light.

• Outstanding Quality Assurance: All products are UL-94 and RoHS-compliant with Toxicity Test. B, technical indicators

Acrylic Diffuser

Technical indicators of Acrylic Diffuser

Nature detection methods unit technical indicators

Specific gravity ASTMD792 ---- 1.2

Charpy impact strength ASTMD256 KL / ㎡ ≥16

Elongation at break ASTMD638% ≥2

Tensile yield stress ASTMD638 MPa ≥66

Heat distortion temperature GB1634 ℃ ≥85

Longitudinal shrinkage WZ-YF-JYQB-025% ≤5

Transverse expansion rate WZ-YF-JYQB-025% ≤3

Water absorption GB1638% ≤0.3%

Light transmittance haze test equipment% 60% -90% (adjustable range)

Haze (reference) Haze test instrument% 88% -98% (adjustable range)

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