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Technological Innovation of LED Panel Lights

Oct. 18, 2017

It is a good choice that LED panel lights instead of the traditional grille lamps because it is't impacted the traditional fluorescent lamps size of the length.LED panel lights not only can be used direct structure and side light guide structure, but also into the building and furniture display according to the designer's design.

LED panel light is a superior quality indoor lighting with some features such as light source for the ultra-bright LED, soft light, no glare,the whole design simple,atmospheric luxury and so on. It not only have good lighting effects but also bring the feeling of beauty.LED panel lights have a unique design. With acrylic diffuser it has light soft, comfortable and bright, effectively alleviate the eye fatigue effects. LED panel lights can also prevent radiation for pregnant women,the elderly,children's skin from stimulating.

There are two design concepts for LED panel lights.First in accordance with the needs of environmental design lamps. Scenic lighting to place as a starting point will create a beautiful, brilliant lighting environment to contrast the scene effect and people will feel the scene atmosphere.Second in accordance with the requirement of people design lamps. Mood lighting is based on human emotions.The two lightings are different.The mood lighting is dynamic meeting the spiritual needs of the people.But the scene is static lighting, it can only emphasize the needs of the scene lighting, and can not express people emotional satisfaction.In a sense, the mood lighting covers the scene lighting.

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