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UGR Diffuser Help You Stand out from the LED Market

Oct. 18, 2017

With the transitional development of the industry, the homogenization of the product has evolved into an indisputable fact. The requirement of LED lamp market continues to increase,but many manufacturers did not earn rapidly.Smaller, more efficient, the greater wattage and UGR <19 anti-glare low have become the future development trend of LED lights.

Development prospects of LED can not be ignored:

(1)Favored by customers, the future of many traditional lamps may be replaced by the use of LED lights. LED lamp industry at the forefront of the current leader is still making useful attempts, and has accessed to market recognition, such as Op, NVC.

(2)Requirement is not diminishing and the outlook is optimistic. Tendency of the consumption mainstream suits 80's, 90's aesthetic taste, not just for lighting needs, more to highlight the charm of individual art.

(3)Enhance the added value of the product, such as through the use of UGR diffuser to reduce the panel lights high-angle light and the value of glare.The effect of UGR <19 can better meet consumers' demand, and bring promotion of people's lifestyle.

UGR diffuser

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