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What is the Background of the Light Diffuser Plate?

Oct. 18, 2017

In the process of LED lighting being gradually accepted by the market, LED lighting mask problems have been troubled lighting manufacturers. It is necessary to have a high light transmittance, but also a considerable light diffusion rate and a good light source concealment. Improving the effect of lighting, LED dazzling light source becoming more gentle and health are the current direction of research and development . Initially we use glass as a shade,but it is difficult to meet the lighting requirements because of the glass fragile, poor diffusion effect. Later, instead of glass with resin, the advantage is high transmittance, but the light diffusion effect is not ideal. So the diffusion mask has been plagued by the contradiction between light transmittance and light shielding. It is under such circumstances the diffusion plate with acrylic diffuser (PMMA), PS, PC plastic sheet as substrate came into being.

acrylic diffuser

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