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What Are the Characteristics of the Light Diffuser Plate?

Oct. 18, 2017

Light diffuser plate features:

1、 Light transmission to meet the requirements;

2、Energy saving;

3、Can be carried out light interference on the surface (for example: frosted, striated);

4、Stable performance, and some materials anti- UV such as acrylic(PMMA), acrylic acid (MMA) do not change color in the three decades;

5、High temperature resistant, such as polycarbonate (PC);

6、Although some performance is not ideal but inexpensive such as glass, polystyrene (PS) ;

7、Diffuser plate processing convenience, can be saw, can be laser cut,can be hot-rolled, thermoplastic, no effect on the performance of the material;

Light diffusion plate applications:

Acrylic diffuser applies to LED lights with straight down light sources such as grille lights, high grade aluminum lamps;PS diffuser applies to side light source LED lighting fixtures such as flat lights.

PMMA diffuser sheet

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