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The theory of LED light guide plates

Oct. 18, 2017

LED light guide plate brightness effect is mainly influenced by light guide plate material, network design, light source design, light bead quantity and other factors, LED light guide plate's working principle are mainly as follows:

1. The reflection points of the light sources located on both sides of the light guide plate are thinly rounded and spaced apart, and the reflection points located in the middle part of the light guide plate are tight and roughly elliptical.

2. When the light from both sides of the light source into the light guide plate attach the reflection point, the diffuser reflects to the light guide plate surface. The other part of the light directly through the light guide plate reach the surface.

3. The closer light source of the light guide plate part the direct light stronger, away from the weaker;

4. On the other hand, the reflection point near the light source is small and alienated, and the light reflected by the light is relatively small. On the contrary, the thick and close points of the long-distance light source reflect the rich light. These light complex fusion, so as to achieve the effect of the whole light guide plate is bright.

From the material point of view,light guide plate's substrate is PMMA.

PMMA diffuser

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