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How to Solve the Problem of Glare And Uneven Lightness ?

Oct. 18, 2017

In order to solve the problem of glare and uneven brightness,at present most of process adopt optical diffusion plate, but the material itself still exists a considerable number of restrictions, such as poor light transmission, costly, difficult to secondary processing, lack of reflective ability and so on.

For such a problem, J.K optical Plastic Co., Limited launched the microstructure light diffuser plate, helping the lighting industry to solve the glare and uneven brightness and other issues.Microstructure diffuser plate use PMMA as the substrate. PMMA has the following advantages: excellent light reflection characteristics, light-weight, anti-falling impact, maintain the shape at 85 degrees temperature , recyclable, non-toxic materials,high smoothness surface.

At present, the major lighting plants have been imported into the use of PMMA microstructure diffusion board to enhance the illumination, uniform brightness, reduce electricity and so on.

microstructure diffuser sheet

PMMA diffuser sheet

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