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How To Maintain Acrylic Sheet?

Nov. 01, 2018

To maintain the acrylic board, firstly should know the attribute of comprehension acrylic board Attributes: Acrylic Sheet amazing appearance, simple to process and dyeing, and has great weather resistance, good transparency and great chemical stability, based on acrylic board this attribute, Make acrylic board in the construction and other industries have been extensively developed software. Belong to this era of sunrise market. Diffuser Acrylic Sheet Maintenance abilities:

1. Wax, to be bright and shiny goods, can utilize liquid polishing waxsoft fabric to wipe evenly to achieve the objective.

2. Adhesion, if the item accidentally damaged, you can use two of chlorinated methane, like adhesives or fast drying agent then sticky.

3. Cleaning, oil products, without particular treatment or add hard agent, the product itself is easy to wear, scratches. Consequently, the overall dust treatment, you may use chicken blankets wash or water rinse, then soft fabric wipe. If the surface oil treatment, can be utilized soft detergent and water, soft fabric scrub.

4. Polishing, when Colored Mirror Acrylic Sheet is scratched or surface wear isn't so serious, you can try to use a sewing machine (or car wax machine) installed on the cloth wheel, then dip in the right amount of liquid polishing wax, or uniform lighting can be improved.

Acrylic Sheet

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