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The Identification Method Of Acrylic Sheet

Oct. 26, 2018

Acrylic Sheet from methyl allyl ester monomer (MMA) polymerization, in other words, poly-methyl methacrylate (PMMA) plate plexiglass, is a distinctive procedure of plexiglass. Have"plastic Queen" standing. Acrylic development and research, has been over 100 decades of history. How to distinguish the Acrylic Sheet, China Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer teach you the method.

1, the use of fire investigation method: Good acrylic material Isn't flammable, a Number of Other materials in the marketplace to impersonate is oil material;

2, Rubber edge identification method: Typically good Diffuser Acrylic Sheet mill has soft rubber edge, there are several although said to be oil plate, but a lot is that the production is added some recycled acrylic scrap, is so-called joint-stock plate; 

3, depth identification method: Normally good sheet stated more than the depth of the foot, the contrary depth is inadequate, the substance is good can also be jerry-building;

4, Light transmission identification process: Great acrylic sheet showing the pure white, not blue or yellow, of course, the mild to be whitened, transmittance can also be distinct;

5, the distinction of the Thermoforming Acrylic Sheet is relatively clear, following sunlight and Sun also rapidly fade, lose the first luster; Now there are lots of other straightforward manners, and that I hope you use your fire Venus to select the material you desire. 

Acrylic Sheet

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